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Why Mandarinpi

Teaching Philosophy-- Chu Yu Pai

Our team

  • Sophia Lu

    Co-founder and school principal

    She is a professional Mandarin teacher with an excellent reputation, her major is Teaching Chinese as a Second Language.Since graduation,she has been engaged in Chinese language teaching in Shanghai.She loves Chinese and Chinese Culture,and hopes that she can continue teaching Chinese as a second language for her whole career.
    In 2013,she started Mandarinpi Chinese school. In 2014,she received an investment from YILV Airline company.Her main goal is to ensure her students enjoy their time in China, while gaining a deep understanding of the language and the culture.

  • Boya Xu(许波亚)

    Chinese teacher

    Hi, I am Boya. I am an easy-going and positive girl. I am good at sketching, dancing, singing and swimming. I like travelling and have been to many countries.
    When I was studying in Korea,I started teaching Chinese and always went travelling with my foreign friends. Now I have been teaching Chinese as foreign language for approximately five years and I have been working in Mandarinpi for almost one year.
    During my time at Mandarinpi, I have had chances to teach students from many countries and regions. They are all very nice, positive and full of passion. Rather than teaching and learning language, I feel it is more like a kind of communication with close friends. I really enjoy the time with every one of my students.

  • Jojo Zhi(智慧琼)

    Chinese teacher

    Hi! My name is Jojo. My major is Design,I never thought I would be a Chinese teacher. When I worked in my last company which was a French company, I had a very good friend who was interested in learning Chinese,so I started being her teacher. During this time, I realized this job should be my life long career. I felt so happy and satisfied when I was teaching her. Then I went to a school and got my IMCPI certificate and started my Chinese teacher career in Mandarinpi.
    I have really learned a lot of excellent teaching methods through the training program here. Let's learn from each other and improve together.

  • Jane Ji(吉晓旋)

    Chinese teacher

    Hi ,my name is Jane Ji. I’m from Shanxi Province. My major is TCSL. I love travelling and singing,but if you hear me sing one time,you would never want to hear it again,haha. Actually, even though my major is TCSL, I never thought that I would become a Chinese teacher. Because there are no foreigners in my hometown. But when I came to Shanghai and tried to find a suitable job in this big city, I realized there are so many foreigners and they can even talk to us in Chinese. I was so excited and decided to use what I learnt in my university in my job. When I teach. I always feel so happy and excited when my students tell me that they have started to communicate with Chinese people. I feel so happy and lucky being a teacher at Mandarinpi, everyone is so kind and treats each other so well,just like a big family. We always talk with each other and share good ideas. I love the strong and nice team!

  • Kristal Wang(王婷淇)

    Kristal Wang(王婷淇)

    My name is Kristal. I chose TCSL as my major because the idea of interacting with foreigners in education sounded so attractive to me. I am a person who is always looking for new experiences. Teaching Chinese is a job that always brings new experiences. I still remember so many enjoyable classes with good conversation and fun jokes. One time, a student wanted to ask a question and said “我想吻你(wǒ xiǎnɡ wěn nǐ,I want to kiss you)”. I was shocked, until I realized he wanted to say”我想问你(wǒ xiǎnɡ wèn nǐ,I want to ask you)”. Sometimes I think, if I can be a Chinese teacher for my whole life, I could travel the world and meet up with all of my old friends. Maybe they’ll even treat me to a meal...according to Chinese culture!

  • Joy Ren(任雅馨)

    Chinese teacher

    Hi,my name is Joy. I love stage play, dancing,and reading. I used to be a host and acting teaching,and I am so happy that I can have the chance to teach Chinese in Mandarinpi. I think what makes me different is I can use all my skills in hosting and acting to Chinese teaching,it makes my class more interesting. We all have fun when we are learning Chinese. Learning Chinese language should be interesting!That’s also why I have chosen to be a Chinese teacher in Mandarinpi. I love the energetic and happy atmosphere here!

  • Christina Yi(易娟)

    Chinese teacher

    Hi!My name is Christina Yi , I have more than 1500 hours teaching experience , I am good at making boring classes funny ,and making difficult questions easy to understand . When I started being a Chinese teacher,I met one student from France. His wife was Chinese and they had a very cute mixed daughter. One time he showed me her pics and I said,"你女儿好漂亮!(nǐ nǚ ér hǎo piào liɑnɡ)"He was so excited and said,"一般一般,全国第三(yì bān yi bān , quán ɡuó dì sān)". It was a very special moment for me, talking to a foreigner in Chinese. It’s really the happiest thing for me to share everything with my students.I am good at explaining the hidden meaning of the Chinese language so that my students can understand Chinese culture and even become a little bit Chinese! For example, if a British person says“interesting",the meaning can be"just so so.", do you know the meaning if a Chinese person says"yǒu yì si" in different situations?

  • Kristal Niu(牛晓乐)

    Chinese teacher

    Hi!My name is Kristal. I'm an outgoing ,enthusiastic, and easygoing girl.
    When I am teaching ,I always add a lot of popular and practical words to my lessons and provide the cultural explanations behind these words. I also think learning through Chinese TV shows and movies is a very good way to advance one’s learning.When I started using this method with one of my Japanese students ,we were so excited to talk about the dialogue from the TV show that I recommended a special program to him for homework called 我的儿子是奇葩(wǒ de ér zi shì qí pā). Of course, his son is also a “奇葩(qí pā)”. Do you know what this means?

  • Gloria Zhou (周延)

    Chinese teacher

    Hi My name is Gloria. I like traveling and my favorite country is Thailand. When studying in Thailand,I met one excellent Chinese teacher and went to her class. It was so interesting to see that all of her students loved her so much. When I went back to China, I decided to apply for a master’s degree in TCSL. After graduating from school,one of my friends told me that she was teaching Chinese at a school called Mandarinpi, and how much she really enjoyed the school’s environment. After coming to Mandarinpi,I completely understand!
    The atmosphere is friendly, and willing to help. I’m so happy to be a member of the Mandarinpi family. Life here is full of surprises everyday! Come, and let’s get started!

  • April Zhu(朱佩蓉)

    Chinese teacher

    Hi,my name is April. I chose this English name for myself because I love Spring. I love warm weather.
    When I was in university,I learnt a lot of theory about how to teach Chinese,at the same time ,I had chances to get to know some foreign students from different counties. I went out with them,shared funny Chinese stories with them, and also started teaching them Chinese. They gave me a nickname called “baby”!
    I felt so happy and decided to be a full time Chinese teacher after I graduated from school. Teaching Chinese is a big part of my life now!

  • Dan Dan(马承丹)

    Chinese teacher

    Hi,my name is Dan Dan. I am a Chongqing “辣妹子(là mèi zi,girls who love spicy food and are also very hot.)”.
    Two years ago,I met a foreign friend on Internet. He was so interested in learning Chinese, but he really misunderstand our culture. For example, he thought that Chinese people all enjoy eating worms. Then I explained a lot of these misconceptions. It gave me the feeling that I might have a strong ability to teach Chinese.
    For me, I love to do role play and make learning practical, so that my students can use what they learn in their everyday life! Chinese can be more useful when learned in this way.

  • Emily Zhang(张琳)

    Chinese teacher

    Hi,my name is Emily. I love reading and singing. Actually, I have a funny story about reading. I am crazy about Tang poetry. One time I wanted to borrow my friend’s book called 《唐诗三百首》(《tánɡ shī sān bǎi shǒu》), that she didn’t want to lend to me.
    I was so sad and cried for the entire night! Don’t laugh at Chinese, we have a saying“when you want to laugh,just laugh,and when you want to cry,just cry, and be yourself.”
    I really enjoy learning Chinese together. Sharing funny stories and ideas helps learning Chinese become more fun. I love sharing and paper cutting, and I’m always interested in sharing with new people!